Maggie + Pat // Indio, CA

When I first spoke to Maggie + Pat it was clear to me how serendipitous me photographing their wedding was going to be. Not only was the wedding cancelled that I originally had scheduled for that day, but Pat’s mom reached out to me after she saw me photographing Elaine + Eddy’s wedding (see their wedding here), on the same day I was made available to photograph Maggie + Pat’s wedding. Also, Maggie + Pat had a carrot cake wedding cake just like my husband and I had at our wedding from Exquisite Desserts. I like to believe that the universe has a special way of making things work out for me, but ultimately I think it is because I also went to high school with Pat’s brother, Franky. But it made for a mini reunion with some old friends and some new, mostly German friends! Their wedding was exactly the kind of chill, backyard wedding that I love to photograph. Pun intended on the “chill”, because it was VERY California cold. Like, 48 degrees. But once we all ate some tacos and danced to some 90’s R&B and belted out some Pearl Jam, it felt like a very brisk 50 degrees. Next time though that we all schedule a wedding together can it be in Germany? In the summer? Asking for a friend.