Chef Tanya's Kitchen // Palm Springs, CA

Hidden in the small warehouse district across the street from the airport in Palm Springs, is a hidden gem. A vegan hidden gem. Surrounded by plumbing and air conditioner repair businesses, a tiny storefront with ten orange fold-out chairs for small cooking demonstrations is all you will see when you walk into this little business, but the food is out of this world and deserves the most recognition.

Tanya was so sweet through the entire shoot, and the sandwich, though made with the humble chickpea, was to die for. It was a play on a tuna sandwich, and truthfully, tasted more like tuna than most tuna sandwiches, but with an earthy flavor that I want all sandwiches to have from now on.

Check out this cute little store, filled with so many luxury items, like local date molasses, imported Aleppo peppers, and specialty spreads and cheeses, all vegan, and undoubtedly, all delicious.