Justina + Brian // Redlands, CA

When I first spoke to Justina about her wedding day details, I was nervous because everything that I saw online about the Mitten Building was that it was very dark and moody. I’m thinking like the inside of the Addams Family house, but with a bit more romance . I was afraid that I would not be able to do justice to this image I had in my head of where I would be photographing.

Instead, what was there was absolutely the industrial glam venue of my DREAMS! It was romantic, but well-lit, but also still had a vibe of mystery to it. There were candles, string lights, brick, chandeliers, donut towers, and one of the sweetest groups of people whom I have ever worked with. Not the Addams Family house at all! I had so much fun playing with the lighting at this venue and it absolutely made me (even more) of a believer in natural light.

And you obviously can’t go wrong with a garter toss with your best man pretending to be the bride!